This caught your attention didn't it? Most ladies are first attracted to our collection due to the authentic, pre-owned vintage dresses we carry. These dresses were made in Japan in the 1960s/70s. The excellent workmanship and attention to details is not seen often in mass production these days. When you wear a vintage dress, you look and feel different. Spot your favourite piece here!

Before you invest in your first vintage dress, there are some information we will like to share with you:


1. Authentic, Pre-owned / Pre-loved

    Do note that all our vintage dresses are authentic from the 1960s/70s, thus they fall under the pre-owned or pre-loved category. We source from reliable brokers in order to bring in pieces that are authentic and yet well-maintained over the decades. However, some wear and tear (especially on the inner lining, zipper, buttons, etc.) is inevitable. Vintage does not fall under our Return Policy.


    2. One Colour, One Size

    Since these dresses are "antique", it is highly unlikely that there is another piece available after so many years. Thus, you will never bump into someone else wearing the same dress. For that same reason, we will not be able to offer you another piece in a different colour or size.


    3. Altered Pieces

    A vintage dress may have been altered from its original design. Usually the common areas are its hem and sleeves. Many vintage dresses have been altered shorter and made from long-sleeves to short-sleeves or sleeveless to suit our current lifestyle and for a more youthful and contemporary look. 


    4. Special Care

    Vintage are pre-washed, thus it generally does not require special care in the cleaning process. However, some brokers may have added a new lining to the dress, so it is still advisable to follow our Washing & Pressing Instructions for vintage dresses.