After 10 good years in the banking/insurance industry, I have decided to live life to the fullest and pursue my passion - shopping! Since 2011, I have been travelling regularly to put together a collection of the latest fashion wear from Korea. I handpicked every design and import them in limited quantities to Singapore. From your favourite jumpsuits, denim dresses, office-appropriate culottes to pencil skirts, we have it all covered.


At Koordinated Fashion, we also carry a wearable vintage collection which is extremely popular with our regular customers. Exquisitely made in Japan and painstakingly restored to give them a contemporary look, most ladies are amazed how good they look when they wore a vintage dress for the first time. These timeless pieces will definitely take a permanent slot in your closet.


My customers love the Korean/vintage outfits that I have "Koordinated" and have been urging me to share my collection with more people. So I'm pleased to present this website, an online shopping paradise with everything that my shop has to offer.


Enjoy my collection & have fun wearing them!


Love, Paula