Wear Your Flair Bottoms Right

Flair airy bottoms are great for our warm weather. Flair pants, 3/4 culottes or tulle skirt give your thighs breathing space and are a much cooler option as compared to skinny jeans or tight skirts.


However, many ladies avoid flair bottoms as they look bigger as compared to fitted skirts. The key to looking slimmer in flair bottoms is to wear it higher. It must flair out from the slimmest part of your body, your natural waist, not the low-waist that we are used to. Wear your flair bottoms with a slightly more fitted top (eg. Knitted top which rests around 2-3" below your waist) or tuck in a blouse (make sure the blouse isn't too thick).


Take reference from our Koordinated looks below.