How to Wear Your Vintage Dress

How not to look old in a vintage dress? I heard too many customers say this - Oh I love these vintage dresses you are selling but I just don’t look good in them... too long for me, too loud for me, too old for me!


It is understandable - visualising yourself in dresses that your mother or grandmother wore when they were young is not easy. Unless you are attending a retro-themed party or D&D, the key to looking good in vintage dresses is to modernise it. Not every vintage is for you but everyone can definitely find a vintage dress that suits your personality and body type.


Just like how you will choose a normal dress, choose a cut that works for you. If lucky-you are blessed with an hour-glass body type, you will find lots of options, especially some fitted sheath dress which can accentuate your shape. Even if you are pear-shaped, you will find some high-waisted vintage dresses which flairs out at the bottom and extremely flattering for you.


Most vintage dresses are loud with prints and colours. But if you like something more subtle, look out for the plain ones, or polka dots or stripes that suits your palette.


Many fashion elements of the past have also made a comeback, such as puff sleeves, big shoulders or peplum. It is fun to look for one style you fancy from the past and wear it today to make a fashion statement. And no one will have the same dress! Take reference from the big shoulders black vintage dress here.


Accessories play a vital role. For that retro party, go all out with a thick white hair-band, pearl earrings, a string of pearl necklace, and a pair of white platform shoes or mary-jane shoes with white socks. However, if you don’t want to look like your grandma, you need to pair your vintage dresses with modern accessories. Try these combination:

1. For weekends - go easy with fun earrings or fun dangling necklaces, long side-sling bag and white sneakers. This combination, together with a big straw hat is great for your summer holidays too.


2. For office - a pair of simple stud earrings, ribbon-buckle thin elastic belt, your leather handbag and plain pumps or heels. Swop the leather handbag to a small clutch bag and you are good for a wedding luncheon.

3. For that special dinner date - a pair of statement earrings or shoulder-dusters, strappy heels and a small clutch bag will be perfect with a plain vintage dress.


So you can wear your vinatge dress any time if you accessorize them well. Have fun creating your vintage look!