Dos and Don'ts on First-Wash and First-Press

A common question we get at our boutique is on the washing and pressing instructions. Can I wash this in the washing machine? Must I use a steam iron for this dress? Will the colour bleed after washing?


We share the same information with all customers who had these concerns and this is also part of our washing and pressing guidelines for our online shop. It is also definitely good information to share with your helper.


First Wash

  • Always hand-wash your newly-bought garment separately to test for colour-bleeding. Do not soak - soaking allows further damage to the fabric if it colour-bleeds. Some fabric such as denim does bleed in the initial few washes. Bear in mind that this is an important first-step you need to do even for luxury-brand clothing.
  • If your newly-bought garment does not colour-bleed, you can wash them together with similar coloured fabric in the washing machine. Generally it is safer to have one load for light colours and one load for dark colours.
  • Protect those garment that stretches easily by placing them in an appropriate-size laundry net .i.e. use a small laundry net for a small item like a fitted tshirt. Placing a small fitted-tshirt in a big laundry net defeats the purpose as the tshirt will still be able to toss and turn and stretch freely in a big space.
  • Hand-washing is still recommended for delicate material such as lace.
  • Usage of a separate dryer may damage some delicate fabric and is not usually recommended if there is adequate space for you to air-dry your laundry.


First Press
  • Always start your iron on a low-heat and increase the heat if necessary.
  • Reverse ironing is recommended for fabric with a shiny-finish and also for rayon.
  • Generally, steam iron is a safe way to straighten your clothing, especially for thin and delicate fabric like lace and chiffon.


Special Care
Some fabric such as silk, leather and wool will need special care. We recommend that you leave this to the experts by sending them for dry-cleaning.

Caring for Your Vintage Dresses
There is no special care needed for vintage dresses unless it is made with one of the delicate fabric stated above. Please follow the first-wash and first-press guidelines above for your newly-bought vintage dress.