Caring For Your Accessories

One of the common questions we get is regarding the care and maintenance of accessories. Since these costume accessories are not usually made with real gold or other precious metals, there is a high chance of corrosion when they are exposed to the environment. However, with proper care and storage, costume jewellery can still last a long time.


Always remove your accessories before taking a shower.

Frequent contact with water and the cleaning agent in the washing foam will reduce the lifespan of the accessories. If you are wearing a ring or bracelet, you should also remove them before doing the dishes. You should definitely remove your accessories before getting into a pool or before you start your gym workout.


Avoid contact with perfume, body cream and hair spray

Since most perfume, body cream and hair spray contains non-natural ingredients, it is best to avoid direct contact with your accessories. If you have to use them, always finish with your hair/skincare routine first. Put on your accessories just before you leave home. This time lapse can help to minimise the transfer of any residual trace from your cream to the accessories.



Use a dry cloth to clean the accessories before storing them

This is to remove any residual perspiration or body lotion or powder and to keep them dry.


Store your accessories in airtight containers or ziplog bags

Minimising exposure to oxygen will reduce the risk of corrosion and your metal chains are less likely to “change in colour”. Store them in a drawer away from dampness or direct sunlight.


Given the wide range of fashion accessories available now, you can also opt for those that are less prone to corrosion, such as necklaces with chains wrapped in fabric or leather, acrylic bangles, etc.


Accessories can make a big difference to your outfits. Have fun accessorizing!